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No matter what business you’re in, it’s a people business and your success is largely determined by them. We can help you empower your people while ticking all the compliance boxes.

Whether you need to recruit for a new role, review your current procedures, implement performance management processes, or simply increase engagement with your team, we can help.

  • During the COVID crisis, the Factotum HR team were on hand at any time to give the right advice and support that we needed both for the business and our team. They responded quickly, effectively and allowed us to make timely decisions.

    Michael Stone, MD

People services

Who we help

  • Businesses getting started

    We love working with businesses who are getting started. We can help ensure you hire the right people to match your culture. All while providing you with the employment contracts and handbooks to get them started.


  • Businesses growing up

    We love working with businesses who are growing, helping you have everything in place to expand your team. We can ensure your culture is one where your people can collaborate, communicate and most importantly support each other.

  • Businesses experiencing bumps in the road

    All businesses experience bumps in their journey. This could mean you need to make changes to its structure through mediation, redundancies, mergers, acquisitions, or legislation changes. We can make this as smooth as possible for you.


  • Businesses going international

    Whether you’re wanting to expand into our out of the UK, we can help you build your international team. We can ensure your culture translates internationally and you have everything in place to ensure your people can collaborate, communicate and grow together

Who we work with

Our clients are diverse, ranging from international global brands to high street stores and everything in between. Their businesses may be worlds apart but they all share one thing in common – they want a partnership. Someone that’s always by their side.

Our clients

What we do

We keep conversation and collaboration at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is always to deliver as much value as possible with no regretful investment. This means we’re flexible and scalable when it comes to engagement, you can turn our services on and off when you need them.

Our approach

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Here are some other areas where we can help to solve your challenges, generate value, and seize opportunities.

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We’ve brought together top professionals from each sector providing the right mix of advice, services and solutions specifically for you. We work across many professional services sectors including

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